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Estate planning is the acquisition, preservation, and the disposition of one's assets.

The usual focus is on the transfer of these assets at death.

While Estate Planning focuses on the disposition of your assets after your death, it can also involve planning for the use of your assets for your care if you become unable to manage your own affairs during your lifetime.

There are many "tools" that can be used to implement an estate plan.


These tools include ownership of assets with a right of survivorship, beneficiary designations, powers of attorney, and living trusts.

All these are important, but the foundation of a solid estate plan will be a Will or a revocable living trust.

These can easily be implicated using your lawyer and the assistance of a financial adviser.

At David Hinds Financial, we provide a free Advisor Planning service, which can help to integrate your Estate Planning needs with other financial needs such as insurance and retirement planning.

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Advisor Planning Services provided by David Hinds Financial:

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